Data Export


:one: Before you start exploring the Data export service, please make sure you are familiar with High-level architecture concept, especially with the part about the multi-instance platform as an instance is a ground-level unit for Data Export. That means rules and settings will be applied to the instance level and will cover all users are located in this instance.

It gives full flexibility to your product. In particular, you can split users into different groups and apply it is own rules for export including destination even if it is a user from a single mobile app.

:two: Make sure you are familiar with Data management options and available datasets

Setting up

  • Daily export of pre-build reports to AWS S3 Bucket and Google Storage :point-right: Setting up

Suitable for cases when you don't have resources to build your own telematics database, but want to have a copy of telematics data and a set of daily reports.

  • Notification services for back-end integration :point-right: Setting up
    This option is required if you want to grab data from Damoov platform to store and work with data on your own server. Available data management options are described here. At this moment we support the following notification services:

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