Mobile telematics overview

An initial overview of the Damoov ecosystem including Telematics SDK, Telematics API and open-source tracking app

:tada: Welcome! We're glad you're joining the growing number of developers working with the Damoov platform.



The previous documentation is available here

There are 2 main ways how you interact with the Damoov platform:

  • You include the Telematics SDK in your mobile app
  • You work with Damoov platform:
    • You log in with an admin account to the DataHub and access your admin interface
    • Similarly, your own back end & front end access the Damoov platform through APIs

Initial setup vs. productive operation

As you start out, you'll set up your company account to work with Damoov platform and learn how to write code that uses our SDK and calls our API.

In the next section, you'll learn how to:

  • Setup your company workspace using the admin account in DataHub
  • Start and complete the basic SDK & API integration

:information-source: This should get you going with the basic integration and allow you to use the telematics SDK in your mobile app and work with data via DataHub.

After you complete the basic integration, you'll learn how to:

  • Connect API services and export data
  • Tune your product using advanced features

In the current section you can also learn how to:

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