DevPortal - web console


In our ongoing effort to enhance our offerings, we have decided to bifurcate our web console into two distinct products, each tailored to meet specific user needs more effectively. The first product, Datahub, is designed for end-users and company managers. It is optimized for daily interactions with telematics data, making it a vital tool for operational efficiency. The second product is the Developer Portal, a dedicated web console for product management and system configurations. This includes a comprehensive suite of features for managing credentials, among other functionalities.

To streamline user experience and maintain simplicity, both platforms are integrated under a unified authentication system. This means you can seamlessly access the Developer Portal using your existing Datahub credentials. This integration not only simplifies the login process but also ensures a cohesive experience across our suite of tools, allowing users to navigate and utilize our services with ease.

Manage credentials


Our primary method of authorization is through JWT tokens. However, for web-based applications such as no-code workspaces that manage driver profiles and trip details, JWT tokens may not be the most practical option. Therefore, we provide an API key as an alternative authorization method. You can generate this API key via the developer portal, located under the Company Settings section.