Tracking modes

Ways to start and stop tracking and manage SDK tracking activities


The Telematics SDK provides you with the full flexibility on the way how you can start and stop trip recording. The existing options listed below cover all possible use-cases.

  • Automatic tracking
    SDK listens to activities 24x7 and automatically detects the start and stop of trips. Suitable for cases when you want to constantly track all driving activities without interacting with the app user. Details

  • On-demand tracking
    You manage SDK and define when and how SDK has to start or stop tracking, Suitable for cases when you want to track trips within a certain period of time like the rental period. Details

  • Manual tracking
    Link SDK tracking to your app user journey and trigger start and stop tracking. Suitable for taxi or delivery cases when you want to track on-duty trips only. Details

  • Scheduled tracking
    Using the calendar, you define time slots when you want to have SDK active. Details

  • Bluetooth triggered tracking
    Link start and stop tracking to a certain vehicle. Suitable for cases when a driver has multiple vehicles and you want to track only a specific one. Details