Setting up the company account

Our back end is accessible through APIs as well as a configuration interface called the DataHub.


The Damoov platform supports a wide range of different apps. To use our API and SDK, you first need to set up your company workspace and configure some key settings.


Important: Avoid duplicate company accounts

Setting up a Company or Application has to be done ONCE. If someone else on your team has already created the company, ask them to send you an invite to the project instead of setting up a duplicate company.

Create the account

Visit our Datahub, enter your contact information and some details about your company. (You will be able to add other admins later.)

For verification purposes, you will get an email with a code. After acknowledging that, your company account is created with you as an admin.

Note that initially, you will see a message that the hub is "Awaiting for telematics data" because no trip has been recorded at this point yet.

Set up your application

Open the DataHub. Click on Management on the bottom left to enter the Management screen. Go through "Company Settings" and "Application Settings", completing the necessary fields. You can choose "UAT" (User Acceptance Testing) if your app is not yet in the app store(s).


Move to Production

Create a new Prod application and Replace UAT Credentials (InstanceID and Instance KEY) with production InstanceID and InstanceKEY


Info: More than one app under the same company

A company can have more than one app. For example, if you're an insurance company, you may have one app for business customers with vehicle fleets, and you may have another app for young drivers focused on safe driving. Both can be managed under the same company account with the same admin team and exist as separate applications.
That said, if you have an application with both iOS and Android versions, set it up as a single app. (Read more about High-level architecture concept.)

You can skip "Group Settings" for now, meaning that all test users will be in the "Common" user group.

Configure global settings

Click on your username in the top right corner and select "Global Settings".

Chose whether you use km or miles, and whether to use HERE Maps (highly recommended to avoid unpredictable UI bugs in DataHub) or Google Maps
:information-source: This applies to the DataHub interface only, not to your application.