Install iOS demo app

Installing and running our demo apps

What you will accomplish

  • Download a sample app that uses our SDK, and run it on a target device

iOS demo app

Required Knowledge:

  • familiar with Xcode and building for mobile targets
  • familiar with Swift
  • familiar with Git or similar

Required Setup:

  • A Mac with Xcode installed
  • CocoaPods installed



These instructions are for the iOS Swift app. The installation of the other apps is similar.

  • Choose a Demo App to review
  • Clone the repository to your local machine
  • Run pod install from the project folder to install all required CocoaPods
  • Accept any recommended changes
  • Open the project in Xcode (e.g., using "Xcode..File..Open Project" or by opening .xcworkspace)

At this point, you should have no more errors left. If you do, try to resolve them or contact us.

  • Open AppDelegate.swift in the editor

  • Search (Cmd-F) for β€˜token’, and on the line let token = NSString(string: "Please, enter your Token") enter your DeviceToken

(To obtain a token, look here:Adding Test Users ]()

Note: In your own β€œreal” app, the token will be assigned to the user during login.

  • Click on DemoSwiftApp, Targets, Signing and Capabilities, and add your credentials to enable code signing
  • Menu Product, Build, For Running

The project is now building. Resolve errors if they occur. If you get a warning to upgrade the deployment target, you can ignore it. We will regularly update the app to work with the latest version of iOS.

  • When the app has built, you can choose to "Run" it on a suitable mobile target or in the simulator.

The demo app is now running on the test target or simulator.