High level architecture concept

Our platform and your solution consist of multiple parts, with a variety of methods for communication and authentication.

Platform architecture

Most of our API and SDK description is concerned with a smaller, granular data structure. Here, we describe the concepts of how your data is organized at the highest level.

Company, Application, User Group

The platform has 4 levels structure:
Company -> Application -> User group -> SDK User
Where one company can have multiple applications, one application can have multiple user groups.

Multi-instance (User Group) platform

Multiple instances (User Groups) allow you to create a unique experience for a different group of drivers in a single mobile application as well as provide managers with access to a certain group of drivers.

πŸ‘‰ Use cases of multi instance architecture


Unique rules and conditions can be applied on the user group level as a group level unit of our architecture


How to manage the structure

DataHub -> management enables you quickly manage your apps and users

Best Practices for setting up your structure

If you have a single mobile application for multiple customers or different driver segments, the User Group is a way to go. It enables you to manage access for 3rd party supervisors to their drivers and apply different terms and rules for tracking and analytics.

  • By the way, you can always move users between created User Groups both via DataHub or API.