No-code services

We are excited to announce our no-code solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate into your product without requiring any development effort on your part. Just embed our services and enhance your product's capabilities effortlessly.

How It Works: Seamless Integration Through API

Our system is designed to offer utmost convenience and ease of integration. Here’s how you can incorporate the Driver Profile Workspace into your application:

  • API Request: Use our API to make a request. This API is your gateway to accessing the Driver Profile Workspace. Simply call the API, providing essential details such as the driver ID, and additional settings like measurement units (miles or kilometers), token expiration time, preferred language, and a back URL.
  • Receiving the Unique URL: Upon processing your request, our system generates a unique URL specifically tailored to the driver profile you requested.
  • Accessing the Driver Profile: Use the provided URL to access the driver's profile directly. This URL can be embedded into your application, offering a streamlined experience for your users.

User Experience and Customization

The no-code Workspaces are not only comprehensive but also highly customizable. Tailor the experience to your needs by specifying your preferences in the API request. Whether it’s adjusting the language, setting the appropriate units of measurement, or defining the token’s lifespan, our platform is flexible enough to accommodate your specific requirements.

This integration not only enhances the functionality of your application but also provides valuable insights into driver behavior, encouraging safer driving practices and better performance analysis.