Driver profile

Introduction to the Driver Profile Workspace

Welcome to our innovative Driver Profile Workspace, a dynamic and interactive web page designed to seamlessly integrate into any third-party application, much like the customer portal in Stripe. This workspace is a centralized platform where you can access a comprehensive view of a driver's profile, offering detailed insights and analytics.

Getting Started

To get started, simply take a look at our API documentation Driver profile. We are happy to guide you through the integration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup. With our Driver Profile Workspace, elevate your application's capabilities and offer your users a richer, more insightful experience.

Key Features of the Workspace:

Safe Driving Analysis:

A robust tool providing in-depth analysis of driving behavior, emphasizing safety and adherence to driving standards.

Driver Overview

Driver vs Company

Driver Analysis


Engage in healthy competition with a gamified ranking system that compares driver performance across various metrics.

AI-Powered Feedback

Receive intelligent and personalized feedback on driving patterns, powered by advanced AI algorithms.

Coming soon

  • Driver Performance Monitoring (In Progress): Track and evaluate driver efficiency and effectiveness through various performance indicators.
  • Detailed Trip Logs (In Progress): A thorough record of all trips made by the driver, including routes, durations, and critical metrics.

Next Steps