Crypto Drivecoins


Damoov provides an advanced engagement service that operates based on Solana and NEAR Protocol, more blockchain platforms will be added soon.

The service has been designed for driver engagement that can be used in standard telematics products or web 3 games

High-level architecture


Main components and responsibility

  • Telematics SDK
  • Telematics platform
  • Damoov Wallet

Supported blockchain platforms

Workflow and APIs


Available APIs

  • Collect earned coins and transfer them to the Damoov Wallet
  • Get balance
  • Add Tokens
  • Burn Tokens
  • Transfer tokens to an external wallet:
    • Transfer to any wallets
    • Transfer to wallet recorded in a user profile


TokenID - a unique ID of the token that is used in your project. πŸ”– API reference
BlockchainNetworkId - a unique ID of a blockchain network bookmark: API reference
Trip ID - a unique ID of a trip.
RecipientWalletAddress - user's wallet address