Leaderboards API


There are 2 types of leaderboards:

  • Summary leaderboard that shows the user overview across multiple factors
  • Detailed leaderboard that shows the user ranking and list of other users


General information

  • The User leaderboard position is calculated within a πŸ‘‰ single instance where the user account is hosted.
  • The user leaderboard position is calculated based on data for the latest 14 days.

Users participate in Leaderboard if they match 2 conditions:

  • Minimum Mileage during the latest 15 days >=10km.
  • Users have processed trips during the latest 15 days.

The conditions are customizable, please feel free to contact us to change them.

Summary leaderboard

The API provides the overview for a single user across common factors within a single instance.
πŸ‘‰ instance?

1 - Acceleration score;
2 - Braking score;
3 - phone usage score;
4 - Speeding score;
5 - Cornering score;
6 - Overall score;
7 - Distance;
8 - Number of Trips;
9 - Driving time

Detailed leaderboard

The API provides in the response a list of users and their ranking by factors across 9 common factors