11. Dataset for BI



Template reports connection: Quicksight and S3 and DataStudio and Google Storage

CSV Tables Description (tables are extracted to root folder)

Table nameShort description
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
Trips data to create BI reports


FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
TrackTokenunique track id
InstanceIdid of instance
InstanceNamename of instance
CompanyIdid of company
CompanyNamename of company
StartCountryCountry of track start point
FinishCountryCountry of track end point
StartCityCity of track start point
FinishCityCity of track end point
StartDistrictDistrict of track start point
FinishDistrictDistrict of track end point
StartPostalCodePostal Code of track start point
FinishPostalCodePostal Code of track end point
DeviceTokenUser id
Rating100BucketBucket of track's rating 40-60-80-100
Rating100Rating of trip in 100-scale
RatingPhoneUsage100Phone usage rating of trip in 100-scale
RatingOverSpeed100Overspeed rating of trip in 100-scale
RatingAcceleration100Acceleration rating of trip in 100-scale
RatingDeceleration100Deceleration rating of trip in 100-scale
RatingCornering100Cornering rating of trip in 100-scale
EcoScoringEcoscoring in 100-scale
EcoScoringDepreciationDepreciation scoring in 100-scale
EcoScoringBrakesBrakes scoring in 100-scale
EcoScoringFuelFuel scoring in 100-scale
EcoScoringTyresTyres scoring in 100-scale
DistanceGPSBucketBucket of trip's distance
0-10-30-50-70-100+ km
DistanceGPSDistance of trip in km
StartDateDateDate of trip's start
YearWeekWeek number of trip's start
StartDateHourHour of trip's start
HasOverspeedFlag for overspending existence in trip
OverSpeedMileageLow overspeed mileage
MidOverSpeedMileageMid overspeed mileage
HighOverSpeedMileageHigh overspeed mileage
TotalOverspeedTotal overspeed mileage
DurationDuration of trips in minutes
HasAccelerationFlag for trip has accelerations
HasBrakingFlag for trip has braking
HasCorneringFlag for trip has cornering
AccelerationCountNumber of accelerations
DecelerationCountNumber of decelerations
CorneringCountNumber of cornerings
HasPhoneUsageFlag for trips has phone usage
PhoneUsagePhone usage in minutes
TripTypeIntracity or between cities