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The Telematics SDK provides an easy-to-use telematics infrastructure for mobile applications. The SDK provides a complete solution to utilize the motion and location sensors in the device to collect, aggregate, and analyze trip, safe driving, ecological driving, and user behavior data. Together with the DataHub and Damoov APIs, the SDK offers a rich ecosystem of telematics services both in the device and for fleet management and other purposes

Examples of use cases include:

  • Usage-based insurance models
  • Driver education for safe, ecological, and economical driving
  • Trip logs, accident monitoring, and driver assessment for fleet management
  • Real-time tracking and route assessment for operational planning
  • Geo-analysis, location-based services, and real-time tracking for a variety of use cases.

While the Telematics SDK is very powerful and useful for a broad range of use cases, it is also easy to adopt and use in mobile apps.

SDK provides multiple modes that can work stand-alone as well as in combination

Available tracking options cover almost all possible use-cases and provide you with full flexibility

Fully customized in-built assets speed up the integration process. Tune the permission wizard and use your own style.

SDK has in-built methods that make a wide range of features available to in-app usage

Monitor SDK activities and subscribe to events to monitor some of driving patterns in real-time.

Unlock the power of telematics SDK with Tags. Build an advanced product, manage trips and link them to your internal ID or any other tags to get granular analytics.

Add your own algorithms to the Telematics SDK and unlock unlimited capabilities of the tracker

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