Collection and processing

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This option is perfect when you need full access to aggregate data across many users, but still want to take advantage of for cases when you want to have full control of your app and telematics data

Your app and your back-end take full advantage of our cleaning, filtering, and other processing, but you store most of the historical records in your own back end, where you can access and analyze them as you wish. Your back-end receives SNS or Azure notifications when data is available, and aggregate data, where needed, is provided to your app from your own back-end. Statistics and other user services are still available from our APIs and in real time.


  • Quality data without the need for complex telematics processing
  • State-of-the-art processing and filtering, taking advantage of our experience across many use cases and driving situations
  • Requirement for your own back end and storage solution
  • While current driving information is available in real-time, aggregate data is available once you transfer the dataset to your own backend and make it available there

Typical use cases

  • Any use cases when clients want to store data on their own servers

  • Fleet management app for transportation, trucking, delivery services

  • User app for the client base of insurance, leasing, or car-sharing companies

Collection, processing