Real Time Tracker


This operational mode makes the Telematics SDK broadcast in real-time mode location along with the rest Dataset



  • Access to real-time data Dataset
  • Dynamic IoT protocol
    Sends real-time data in a hardware-compatible protocol. It enables you to use SDK instead of a hardware tracker with almost all fleet-management platforms with no coding.
  • Supports 3rd party end-points.
    Point data to your existing fleet management platform and use Telematics SDK instead of Telematics device.
  • Geo-fence monitoring
  • Configurable data frequency/number of points per minute for driving and stand-by modes.

Real time data set

SDK is able to transfer data collected from smartphone sensors as well as in-vehicle data collected via Bluetooth OBD which is our Add-on service.

To get the full list of data items available via real-time tracker, please refer to the [Realtime dataset](doc:realtime-dataset