10. Daily Reports



Processed telematics data contains information about tracks, points, and events after road mapping, events detection and filtering, scoring and other ML enrichments

Example of extracted zip for a given date:



Processed telematics data also can be exported to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud in zip for a specific date; zip file contains csv files that are described below
[Instruction on how to set up data export] (https://docs.telematicssdk.com/docs/offline-reporting)

CSV Tables Description

Table nameShort description
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
A list of processed trips with statistics and safe scoring.
What's there?
- Final track entity based on RichTrackPoints
- Safe score
- Trip metrics
- Trip events metrics
- Start address
- End address
Trip Waypoints
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
Processed track points (trip waypoints)
What's there?
- Track matching to road graph
- Speed limits
- Events matched to points
- Phone usage (ML)
- Rotation calculated (ML)
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
Processed and filtered events
What's there?
- Events JSON parsing
- Mapping phone usage to events
- Calculating the index - fitstresholds (ML)
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
User safe driving score and fine points calculation that is used as a basis for the safe driving score calculation
What's there?
- Aggregated scores for 2-weeks period
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
UserState report contains information about active users:
- Personal info
- Sensor's status
- OS versions
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
Fraud contains information about suspicious events like:
- Low power mode
- GPS switch off
- Mobile data switch off
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
Vehicle summary report contains information about vehicles connected to DeviceToken and mileage information for given period
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset
The CoinsSummary report contains data on the total amount of coins and bonuses to users for the reporting period.
Device status
πŸ‘‰ Description
πŸ“„ Dataset

Trip Summary

FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DeviceTokenUnique user id
ClientIdUnique user id set up by client
EmailEmail of the user
TripIdUnique id for enriched trip;
equals to tracktoken
TripStartUtcStart date of the trip in UTC
TripEndUtcEnd date of the trip in UTC
TripStartLocalStart date of the trip
TripEndLocalEnd date of the trip
LocalTimeOffsetTimezone of the user location
StartLatitudeStart point Latitude
StartLongitudeStart point Longitude
FinishLatitudeFinish point Latitude
FinishLongitudeFinish point Longitude
DistanceKmTrip distance in km
DurationMinutesTrip duration in minutes
AverageSpeedKmhAverage speed in km/h
TripModeType of trip
ClassificationConfidenceProbability of UserLabel model estimation
UserLabelRole of user in trip
OverallPointsOverall penalty points for trip
AccelerationPointsAcceleration penalty points for trip
BrakingPointsBraking penalty points for trip
CorneringPointsCornering penalty points for trip
SpeedingPointsSpeeding penalty points for trip
DistractionPointsDistraction penalty points for trip
StartRatingOverall5-star rating of the trip
StartRatingAccelerationAcceleration 5-star rating of the trip
StartRatingBrakingBraking 5-star rating of the trip
StartRatingCorneringCornering 5-star rating of the trip
StartRatingSpeedingSpeeding 5-star rating of the trip
StartRatingDistractionDistraction 5-star rating of the trip
NightTimeDrivingMinutesNight time driving during the trip
AddressStartAddress of start
AddressFinishAddress of finish
UserTagsUser tags
InstanceId5-star Safe Score rating


(Drive -> 1 file = 1 track's points)

FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
PointDatePoint time
LatitudeLatitude (processed)
LongitudeLongitude (processed)
MidrouteGPSDistance between previous and current point
SpeedSpeed at point, in km/h
SpeedLimitSpeed limit at point, km/h
Distraction1 - Phone usage
0 - No Phone usage
TrackTokenUnique identifier of tripyou can join with Trip Summary on this field


(Events -> 1 file = 1 track's events)

FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
PointDateDatetime of event
LatitudeLatitude of event
LongitudeLongitude of event
AlertTypeType of event- Acc
- Deacc
AlertValueForce of eventm/s2
TrackTokenUnique identifier of trip

Scoring Summary

FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DevicetokenUnique user id
ClientIdUnique user id set up by client
EmailEmail of the user
DateDate of calculation
scoreacceleration2-week acceleration scorePart of safe score
scoredeceleration2-week braking scorePart of safe score
scorespeeding2-week speeding scorePart of safe score
scoredistraction2-week phone usage scorePart of safe score
scoreturn2-week cornering scorePart of safe score
ScoreOverall2-week total safe scorecalculation of 5 scores above
DistanceKmDistance for 2-weeks periodkm
TripAmountNumber of trips for 2-weeks period
DurationMinutesDuration of trips for 2-weeks periodmin
AccelerationPointsAcceleration penalty points for 2-week periodPart of total points
BrakingPointsBraking penalty points for 2-week periodPart of total points
SpeedPointsSpeed penalty points for 2-week periodPart of total points
DistractionPointsPhone usage penalty points for 2-week periodPart of total points
TurnPointsCornering penalty points for 2-week periodPart of total points
TotalPointstotal penalty points for 2-weeks periodTotal number of fine points from the 5 rows above
InstanceIdUnique id for instance


FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DeviceTokenUser's ID
EmailEmail of the user if registered
ClientIdClient's user id
FirstNameFirst Name
LastNameLast Name
WifiIs wi-fi switched on?On/off
GPSIs gps switched on?On/off
DataTransferIs datatransfer switched on?On/off
DeviceOSOS version of user's mobile phone
InstanceIdInstance Id


FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DeviceTokenUser's ID
ClientIdClient's user id
EmailEmail of the user if registered
EventDateDate of event
EventTypeType of eventExample:
'low battery'
InstanceIdInstance Id


FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DeviceTokenUser's ID
ClientIdClient's user id
EmailEmail of the user if registered
VehicleTokenVehicle token if registered
VehicleIdVehicle id if registered
MileageMileage for a given periodkm
MileageTotalTotal mileage to MileageDate
MileageDateDate of last mileage total update
MileageInitialInitial mileage for a given period
InstanceIdInstance Id


FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
DateAccrual date
DeviceTokenUnique id of user
BalanceTotal Coins at the beginning of reporting period
CoinsCoins earned at reporting period
TotalCoinsTotal Coins at the end of reporting period
LimitReachedIs limit reached?Yes/no
InstanceIdInstance Id



FieldShort descriptionAdditional information
Client IDCustom field that can be added via user update API
TotalStatusOverall permissions statusOK - all permissions granted and the SDK can record trips
ISSUE - there is an issue with permissions and trips can't be recorded
GPSPermissionsGrantedApp level. GPS permissions
LowPreciseLocationLow precise location.The tracking can't work with low precise location enabled
MotionPermissionMotion sensor permissions
LowPowerModeLow battery level or low battery modeboth items reduce tracking accuracy.
DeviceRootedstatus on whether the device has been rooted or jailbraked
NotUploadedTripsCountnumber of trips that were recorded but not uploaded to the server
NotUploadedLogsCountnumber of log files that were recorded but not uploaded to the server
WifiEnabledStatus of WiFiWiFi enabled significantly increase GPS accuracy
GpsEnabledSmartphone level. GPS permissions
RealTimeDataEnabledStatus of product featureEnabled - SDK broadcasts real time GPS data to 3rd party platform
Disabled - realtime data disabled
LatitudeLatest location
LongitudeLatest location
AccuracyLatest level of GPS accuracy
SdkVersionSDK version
OsVersionsmartphone OS version
ApplicationApplication registered on Damoov platform
DeviceModelSmartphone device model
ChargeLevelLevel of battery
BluetoothEnabledBluetooth status
InstanceIduser instance ID