Collection only

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This option is only recommended when you have very unique processing and analysis needs. Requires advanced knowledge of telematics data processing and tools for doing so

Typically, you already have telematics data processing experience and want to take advantage of our highly scalable data collection platform and our convenient in-device processing of telematics events and the physical response of the various sensors (accelerometer, orientation, compass, geolocation, etc.) In this case, as well, your backend receives an SNS or Azure notification when (raw) data is available for transfer and processing. Available statistics and data through Damoov APIs are very limited.
While uncommon, we are happy to discuss your use case in detail.


  • Highly scalable collection platform on our endpoints
  • Using our SDK and in-device processing, without using our back end
  • Requires data storage as well as telematics processing on your back end
  • Required advanced knowledge of telematics data analytics
  • May result in inferior data quality if processing and analysis is not done adequately

Use cases

  • Automotive research with unique telematics needs
  • Long-term scientific studies of driver behavior requiring full control of the data processing
  • Other unique situations where processing and analysis differs significantly from the cases described above