AppStore app policy

for tracking or safe-driving app

App policy Introduction

As a part of submission, you have to complete app policy and describe app functionalities. We have prepared an standard answers for apps with Damoov telematics services. However, you app might have different functions and use user data differently. so, use our guide an a template, but try to be specific to your product.

Data collection

Option: Yes, we collect data from this app

Contact info

For this guide, we use Zenroad app as an example. In Zenroad we collect Name, email, phone number. if you use The telematics SDK, you have to mark relevant data items for your product.

Health & Fitness

The telematics SDK uses motion sensors for Fitness purpose only. We do not capture Health data.

Financial info

The telematics SDK doesn't collect any financial information. so, this part should be completed based on your product specific.


The telematics SDK uses Precise Location.


Name and user details

The telematics SDK doesn't interact with any personal information related to name, phone numbers etc, except location data. This item has to be selected based on your product features.

Name and tracking

The telematics SDK uses it is own identifier (DeviceToken) for tracking purpose.

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