The ghost app is a tracking app that can be managed from any 3rd party app or even from any web-page

LinkCommand & ExampleDescription
damoovghostapp://login/DEVICETOKENLog in

Add an user device token to the app and initialise tracking feature
damoovghostapp://login/DEVICETOKEN/IMAGEURLLog in and put a corporate login to the main screen of the app

damoovghostapp://createwithinvitecode/INVITECODE/CLIENTIDRegister a user to a particular user group
damoovghostapp://logoutLog out
damoovghostapp://enablesdkEnable SDKwhen you enable SDK, you enable tracking feature, so once it is enabled, all trips will be automatically recorded.
damoovghostapp://disablesdkimmediately disable SDKAll trips and data that were not transferred to the server by this time will be stored on smartphone until next time when the SDK is enabled.
damoovghostapp://disablesdkwithuploadPush all data to the server and disable SDKall data will be transferred first, then the SDK will be disabled
damoovghostapp://enabletrackingStart tracking manuallythe tracking will be stopped automatically after 4 minutes without movements.
damoovghostapp://disabletrackingStop tracking manually