Driving behavior tracker



Behavior tracker is the most common mode and enabled by default.

A driving style tracker is also known as a behavior tracker enables to track and analyze driving style, patterns and use this data for the following use-cases

  • Safe and efficient driving
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Trip log
  • Driver performance
  • Geo-Analysis
  • Journey planning
  • Accident monitoring


  • Automatic Start/Stop or along with your settings :point-right: Tracking modes
  • High-frequency data collection:
    • Location data every second
    • Accelerometer and Gyroscope data up to 100 times per second
  • Event detection:
    • Rapid acceleration
    • Harsh braking
    • Cornering/ Aggressive turn
    • Distracted driving (Phone usage)
    • Speeding
  • Machine Learning model for adaptation to different types of transport, topography and environments
  • Low data consumption, only ~ 50-70 MB per month.
  • Low battery consumption, only ~ 5-6% / day (depending on phone model)