Driver logbook


Email Functionality

This service enables the request and delivery of a driver logbook via email. Users have the option to utilize the standard email template provided by Damoov, which will be sent under Damoov's branding, or to integrate their own email service by linking their SendGrid credentials.

Email Sender Configuration

  • Default Damoov Account: If no SendGrid account is specified, the email will be sent from the default Damoov account. In this case, emails will be dispatched from Damoov Support at [email protected].
  • Custom SendGrid Integration: Users who activate their SendGrid account through the Damoov marketplace have the option to customize this setting, allowing for emails to be sent from their specified account.

Subject and Content


  • to_email (required): The email address where the logbook will be sent.
  • subject (optional): The subject of the email.
  • content (optional): The content of the email.
  • start_date (required): The start date of the report in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • If the start_date is not specified, the default value is automatically set to the first day of the current month.
  • end_date (required): The end date of the report in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • If the end_date is not provided, today's date will be set as the default value
  • units (default="Si"): The units for distance measurement, either "Imperial" or "Si".
  • date_format (dafult = "standard" ): The date format, either "us" or "standard".
    • us - mm/dd/yyyy
    • standard - yyyy/mm/dd
  • type_of_report (required): An integer representing the type of report.
    • type_of_report= 1 - Driver trip log by trips
    • type_of_report= 2 - Driver trip log by trips
    • type_of_report= 3 - Graduated Driver Licensing
  • format_of_report (required): The format of the report, e.g., "csv".
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