Manage user groups


Damoov architecture enables you to create a unique experience for different types of drivers in a single mobile application via creating user groups.

For example, if you have a mobile application for different corporate clients or different departments of a client, you can create a telematics instance for each of them and apply their unique product rules including tracking options and scoring configurations.

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Create user group

To create a user group, please follow to Datahub -> Management -> Create a user group.
important: each user group has its own credentials for API access. More details for API Access.


Move users between groups

There are 3 options for how you can move the users between the user groups:

  1. Via Datahub interface: Please refer to the Datahub guide: [How to move users between groups in Datahub]
  2. Via API. This option is required an invitation code/ Company code
  1. Via mobile application. Next paragraph. This option is required an invitation code/ Company code

Join a group with a company code

Generate a company code/ Invitation code

To generate a company code/ Invitation code to move users between groups, please follow the next steps: Datahub -> Management -> select the necessary group -> Invite app users

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Then, provide a user with the code and ask to join a company in the mobile application.

Join a company