Open-Source telematics app

A fully functional Open-Source app showcasing all available product features you can get via telematics SDK and API services. From developers for developers.


The open source app allows you to store all user personal details and auth credentials on your firebase account. The app communicates with Damoov platform and services for telematics data processing only.

High-level communication scheme



  1. Firebase realtime DB is used to to store personal details and auth details.
  2. Every time when you create a new user, either firebase of mobile app registered a telematics user on our end (User service) and get a telematics device token as a response.
  3. Then Firebase stores a telematics device token against user profile and pass this information together with user profile to the mobile app
  4. As the next step, app passes the telematics device token to the SDK, and it activates the SDK and tracking capabilities.
  5. Then all data from the SDK goes to our server where we process and analyze the data and make it available via api which is used by mobile app to show user statistics and datahub to provide you all data via web interface.

How to start


Download the source code or install from the App Store


Download the source code or install from the Google Play