_old_Driving events

Short description of the main driving events detected by the Telematics SDK and used for scoring purpose

Events description

Cornering - the measure of how sharply a person enters a turn. The situation when a person enters a corner at high speed or hardly applies brakes entering the turn or accelerates entering the turn.

Braking - the measure of how sharply a person applies the brakes. The situation when a person pushes the braking pedal hardly and loses much speed.

Acceleration - when the driver presses the pedal to the floor for a significant amount of time (more than 1 sec)

Speeding - excess of the actual speed over the speed limits set by local authorities. The information about speed limits is provided by Google maps, HERE Location and the local map provides.
There are 3 levels of speeding that can be configured:

  • No fine speeding - a buffer above speed limits that is not penalized
  • Moderate speeding - minor speeding. for example, up to 20 km/h above speed limits
  • Aggressive speeding - significant speeding, for example, 30 mph above speed limits

Distracted phone usage - events when a driver keeps a smartphone in his hands and "plays with applications", calls, messages while driving at a speed of more than 10km/h that causes distracted driving.

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