Register telematics UserId/ DeviceToken

When users install your app, they will be assigned to your account in DataHub and given the necessary credentials to access the API: a Device Token, a JWT Access Token, and a Refresh Token.

Required level of authorization:

  • no authorization required

When to Use This Call

Utilize this call when a new user installs your application and requires an account associated with the SDK. This process involves creating the account and receiving user credentials in return.

Important Considerations

Be aware that the API does not validate user field inputs; in fact, all fields can be left blank. The primary unique user identifier is the device token. Should your application have specific requirements for certain fields (e.g., minimum length for the first name, email domain restrictions), ensure to implement input validation within your app prior to sending these fields to the API.

Custom Token Feature

Our system offers support for custom token UUIDs. If you prefer to assign a specific UUID to a user instead of generating a new one, you can do so by including CustomToken as a body parameter in your request.

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