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Trips started in quick succession get merged in the dashboard.

Hi, I am encountering an issue with the flutter sdk. Trips that are taken in quick succession are sometimes merged in to a single trip. We are using the manual tracking method. In our app we click a button to start the trip, which triggers the following event: ``` on<StartShuttleEvent>((event, emit) async { ... // ENABLE SDK AND BEGIN TELEMATICS TRACKING TrackingApi trackingApi = TrackingApi(); trackingApi.setDeviceID(deviceId: deviceToken); trackingApi.setEnableSdk(enable: true); trackingApi.startTracking(); ... } ``` We click a button to end the trip, triggering the end trip event: ``` on<EndShuttleEvent>((event, emit) async { // END TELEMATICS TRACKING TrackingApi().stopTracking(); // DISABLE SDK TrackingApi().setEnableSdk( enable: false, uploadBeforeDisabling: true, ); ... } ``` If, after I end the first trip, I start the second trip within a short period, the second trip will be merged with the first. For example: - The trip with trackId = 13538592 was considered one trip, when we expected it to be two. - The trip with trackId = 13580467 was considered one trip, when we expected it to be three. My first guess was that the first trip was not being uploaded before the second trip was being started which was causing the trips to be merged. I am not sure how the tracking is actually implemented though to verify. I wondered if you could provide any input on why this might be happening? Thank you.

Driving events

Hello i need to know the deference between Acceleration and speeding in the app please

UserLogin method

When do we need to use UserLogIn? Do we have to log in every time we want to monitor drivers behaviour?

Driving behaviour tracking and APIs

As I was going through the API, i could not figure out how a user's driving behaviour can be monitored? Is there a api that we have to call to tell SDK that the trip has started or it does that automatically?

Flutter SDK Integration Issue with iOS build

Hi, I am integrated the flutter telematics SDK in my application. After the iOS app launch, It is getting crashed. I am attaching the logs here. Warning: Unable to create restoration in progress marker file *** Assertion failure in -[BGTaskScheduler _unsafe_registerForTaskWithIdentifier:usingQueue:launchHandler:], BGTaskScheduler.m:185 *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'All launch handlers must be registered before application finishes launching'

How can I generate a company code to create separate instances for my corporate clients

I use the open-source telematics app and want to create separate instances for my corporate clients. How I can do that?

Can II get the TrackToken for a specific trip

Where I can get a TrackToken?

When Tematics release a React Native SDK

currently, we don't see any support for React Native, the solution is we will integrate SDK from native side (both android and ios)