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UserLogin method

When do we need to use UserLogIn? Do we have to log in every time we want to monitor drivers behaviour?

Driving behaviour tracking and APIs

As I was going through the API, i could not figure out how a user's driving behaviour can be monitored? Is there a api that we have to call to tell SDK that the trip has started or it does that automatically?

Flutter SDK Integration Issue with iOS build

Hi, I am integrated the flutter telematics SDK in my application. After the iOS app launch, It is getting crashed. I am attaching the logs here. Warning: Unable to create restoration in progress marker file *** Assertion failure in -[BGTaskScheduler _unsafe_registerForTaskWithIdentifier:usingQueue:launchHandler:], BGTaskScheduler.m:185 *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'All launch handlers must be registered before application finishes launching'

How can I generate a company code to create separate instances for my corporate clients

I use the open-source telematics app and want to create separate instances for my corporate clients. How I can do that?

Can II get the TrackToken for a specific trip

Where I can get a TrackToken?

When Tematics release a React Native SDK

currently, we don't see any support for React Native, the solution is we will integrate SDK from native side (both android and ios)