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Trip not in progress

after clone from https://github.com/Mobile-Telematics/TelematicsApp-Android, I encountered issue after following the integration video. It seems everything is set up correctly but it keep showing in the notifications Trip not in progress even Made a trip of about 5 km. another error is shown on logCat:

2022-02-14 19:56:56.494 3083-3083/com.devprime.okataxiapp D/DashboardFragment: observeRank: onSuccess r: 1
2022-02-14 19:56:56.577 3083-3083/com.devprime.okataxiapp D/DashboardFragment: setRank: rank Rank #1
2022-02-14 19:56:56.603 3083-3083/com.devprime.okataxiapp E/StorageException: StorageException has occurred.
Object does not exist at location.
Code: -13010 HttpResult: 404
2022-02-14 19:56:56.604 3083-3083/com.devprime.okataxiapp D/FIREBASE await: isSuccessful: false task: com.google.firebase.storage.StorageException: Object does not exist at location.
2022-02-14 19:56:56.604 3083-3083/com.devprime.okataxiapp D/getErrorCode: getErrorCode: FirebaseException Object does not exist at location.

please help