DataHub Changelog

Version [10.9.0] Release Date 10.10.2023

:bulb:Scoring parameters review is now available from the Product configuration workspace
:wrench: Added option to change Leaderboard evaluation period from Product configuration
:tada: Added service to email detailed billing report
:tada: Added Company, App, and instance fields to the billing reports

Version [10.8.0] Release Date 01.09.2023

:bulb:Product configuration workspace

Version [10.7.0] Release Date 17.06.2023

:bulb:Billing workspace
:tada:Billing statistics and utilization

Version [10.6.0] Release Date 07.03.2023

:computer: New developer portal for advanced product configuration
:bulb:Workspace to manage backend callbacks

Version [10.5.0] Release Date 11.12.2022

:bulb:Workspace to manage Datahub users (delete, activate/ deactivate users)
:speedboat: Performance improvements
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [10.4.0] Release Date 03.06.2022

:tada: Added Crypto Driveсoins in Profile
:tada: Added Vehicle Score in Profile => Vehicles & Devices
:bulb: Updated log with user id
:bulb: Removed Tags filter in List of Trips
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [10.3.0] Release Date 20.05.2022

:tada: Integrated Embedded dashboards from Amazon QuickSight
:bulb: Changed scoring colors limits
:bulb: Renamed DeviceToken to UserID
:bulb: Added special permission for viewing the Inspection section
:bulb: Saving show/hide “how to start guide” state
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [10.2.0] Release Date 19.04.2022

:tada: New onboarding page
:tada: New onboarding section in Management page
:tada: Unique tags count in Profile page
:tada: Start and end pins for tracks in Waypoints map
:bulb: Added checks user permissions for specific company, application and group
:bulb: Added company and application settings in Management page
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [10.1.0] Release Date 30.03.2022

:tada: Added new fields to List of Users and CSV export:

  • Driver Trips Count
  • Other Trips Count
  • Total Trips Count

:bulb: Companies, applications and groups identifiers changed to GUIDs.
:bulb: Moved saving filter setting to user metadata in Auth0
:bulb: Custom roles with restricted set of permissions
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [10.0.0] Release Date 04.02.2022

:tada: Auth0 integration
:tada: Google Street View in DataTool | Wayponts map

:wrench: Perfomance issues fix
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.8.3] Release Date 19.08.2021

:bulb: Extended Processed Trips CSV Export (in List of Trips & DataTool)
:bulb: DataTool | Faster CSV Export for Heartbeats
:bulb: Disabled caching pages in browser
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.8.2] Release Date 10.08.2021

:tada: Copy buttons in Management.
:bulb: Management page refactoring
:bulb: User Service Credentials => User Group Credentials
:bulb: API Authorization Credentials => Admin Credentials
:bulb: Updated notifications in Management page
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.8.1] Release Date 02.08.2021

:tada: New DataHub logo
:tada: Export CSV in Permissions Table
:tada: Device OS & Model in Permissions Table
:bulb: Extended CSV Export for Device Status, RawTracks and Permissions Changes in DataTool
:bulb: Extended CSV Export for List of Users and Active Users
:bulb: Minor interface enhancements
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.7.0] Release Date 13.07.2021

:bulb: Waiting loader in List of Trips
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [9.6.19] Release Date 29.06.2021

:tada: Waypoints map In DataTool
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.6.18] Release Date 17.06.2021

:tada: DataTool: Overall Permissions Status
:tada: DataTool: Invalid Tracks Reasons
:tada: DataTool: Export Files Updates
:tada: DataTool: Permissions Changes Export CSV
:wrench: Bug Fix

Version [9.6.17] Release Date 03.06.2021

:bulb: Waiting loader in Trips Details
:bulb: New link to User guide
:wrench: Hot fix

Version [9.6.16] Release Date 26.05.2021

:tada: Score Date in global settings (+adjust score and statistics periods in Profile)
:wrench: Hot fix

Version [9.6.15] Release Date 18.05.2021

:tada: Move user to another user group (in List of User and in Profile)
:bulb: List of users optimization
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [9.6.13] Release Date 23.04.2021

:tada: Export PDF for Safety Dashboard
:bulb: Enhancements in SDK Dashboard page for better user experience

Version [9.6.12] Release Date 21.04.2021

:tada: Consolidated safety dashboard
:tada: Amazon S3 Data Export and Back-end Notifications forms in Management
:bulb: Enhancements in Profile page interface for improving UX
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [9.6.8] Release Date 06.04.2021

:tada: DataTool and profile icons in the permissions table
:tada: Trips and Inspections links in user profile
:bulb: Dates with original timezone in trips
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [9.6.2] Release Date 22.03.2021

:tada: Global Settings:

  • Enable Mi or Km
  • Enable either Here Maps or Google Maps

Version [9.6.1] Release Date 17.03.2021

:bulb: Support for Internet Explorer 11
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [9.6.0] Release Date 10.03.2021

:tada: Safety dashboard in user Profile
UI /UX improvements
:wrench: Bug fixes

Version [9.5] Release Date 22.02.2021

:tada: New Profile with Safety Score periods, Eco Score, DriveCoins and other useful info
:bulb: Management & DataTool are now available from the main menu
:bulb: Simpler Management page
:bulb: Simpler registration forms
:bulb: Add user Page: share code available for everyone, other block depends on UBI product
:bulb: Links to App and Admin level
:wrench: Fix in Trips table for more stability
:wrench: Fix user table apply current filters when loading
:wrench: Dashboards: fix current filter for charts block
:wrench: Fix invite popups

Version [9.0] Release Date 21.01.2021

:tada: Permissions Table
:bulb: UI/UX improvements
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [8.4] Release Date 24.12.2020

:tada: Low Power Mode & Precise Location (iOS) in DataTool and Heartbeats Export CSV
:tada: Add cornering events to HERE, Google maps
:tada: New Controls on Add User Page, saving data on redirect from Management
:wrench: Fix Overall Scoring on User Profile
:wrench: Fix trip details score

Version [8.0] Release Date 16.12.2020

:tada: Schedule for groups, cache reset during update
:bulb: UI/UX improvements
:wrench: Bug fixes

Version [7.1] Release Date 11.11.2020

:tada: SDK Dashboard | Export Active Users with Statistics and Scorings
:bulb: Dashboards for small screens

Version [7.0] Release Date 9.11.2020

:tada: SDK Dashboard [v1.0]
:bulb: UI/UX improvements
:wrench: Bug fixes

Version [6.0] Release Date 23.10.2020

:tada: FNOL, Inspections & Damage Recognition

Version [5.1] Release Date 10.10.2020

:tada: User Profile + User Vehicles + ELM Devices

Version [5.0] Release Date 05.10.2020

:tada: Group settings - new page
:tada: RTD Config, setup IMEIs for users
:tada: New notifications instead of popups
:bulb: API Authorization sorting by date
:bulb: User table filtering optimizations
:wrench: Management | Bug fixes

Version [4.1.11] Release Date 02.09.2020

:tada: Management | API Authorization credentials v.1.0
:tada: DataTool | Reason field in heartbeats CSV export
:tada: DataTool | Determinate tracks information
:tada: DataTool | Processed and invalid tracks count
:bulb: Improve UI/UX

Version [4.1.10] Release Date 28.08.2020

:tada: Management | API Authorization credentials (beta 0.5 version)

Version [4.1.9] Release Date 19.08.2020

:tada: Trips Table: driving behavior filter
:tada: Trips Table: Export CSV
:bulb: Improve UI/UX
:bulb: Dropdown user menu restructed
:bulb: Replace Track ID to TrackToken in CSV exports
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [4.1.8] Release Date 06.08.2020

:tada: Add users: invite by email and code
:tada: Add users: import from CSV with mapping of fields
:tada: Add users: create test user
:tada: Search users: loader for suggestions
:wrench: Bug fix

Version [4.1.7] Release Date 31.07.2020

:tada: DataTool: Export Invalid Tracks CSV
:tada: DataTool: Export Incoming Track Points CSV
:tada: DataTool: Export Enriched Track Points CSV
:tada: DataTool: Last date of Permissions and Connection Status
:tada: DataTool: Last known latitude and longitude
:tada: Trips Table: Search trips by user
:tada: Trips Table: Search trips by Track Token or Track ID

Version [4.1.6] Release Date 21.07.2020

:tada: Trips: Filter by Tags
:tada: Trips: Filter trips that are hidden in app by user
:tada: Trips: Sorting
:tada: Trips: Columns show/hide

Version [4.1.5] Release Date 15.07.2020

:tada: New User Status “Error” - User is registered, but SDK is disabled
:tada: CSV export in DataTool (Incoming tracks, Excluded tracks, Enriched tracks, Heartbeats) by device token
:tada: Trips Table - Filters (beta)
:tada: Filter saving during session
:tada: Add Client ID to DataTool user info
:wrench: UI Cross-browser fix

Version [4.1.3] Release Date 02.07.2020

:tada: New view of tracks: Trips Table with pagination
:tada: New workspace: DataTool — check user, check user’s Device, Permissions, SDK (Services, Heartbeats, Telematics Data)

Version [4.1.2] Release Date 25.06.2020

:tada: Add eco scoring fields in user table and CSV report
:tada: Add new 100-rating in trips list and details
:wrench: Fix search suggestions results
:wrench: Fix '@' in search

Version [4.1] Release Date 22.06.2020

:tada: Users - Pagination (go to certain page)
:tada: Users - CSV Report date
:tada: Users - Search result saved while pagination is used
:tada: Users - Search with suggestion includes account info
:tada: Users - Added options for deactivate and delete users
:tada: Users - Added GUI filters counter

Version [4.0] Release Date 18.06.2020

:tada: New Filters: Company, Applications, Groups
:tada: User Table CSV Report
:tada: “Remember me” when log in
:tada: Search URL
:tada: User Guide for group admins
:bulb: UI Enhancements
:wrench: Registration Date fix

Version [3.8.2] Release Date 10.06.2020

:tada: Filters in User Table: Statuses, Registration Date, Reset filters
:tada: Client ID field in end-user registration in application

Version [3.8.1] Release Date 01.06.2020

:tada: User Status (ASC, DESC Sorting)
:tada: Activity Statuses:

  • "green": 'Active' (Last track <14d)
  • "yellow": 'Inactive' (Last track >14d, but SDK works correctly)
  • "red": 'Lost' (Last track >13d, SDK doesn't work)
  • "grey": 'No Data'

Version [3.7.0] Release Date 29.05.2020

:tada: Search on trips page by Name, Device Token, Email, Phone
:tada: Top Menu (under user name) design
:tada: Create Sandbox

Version [3.7.0] Release Date 22.05.2020

:tada: Reset Password (email)
:tada: User Table fix first login or incognito mode headers
:wrench: Columns menu design fix

Version [3.6.0] Release Date 20.05.2020

:tada: New Logo
:tada: New data for Status column (red, yellow, green, grey circles)
ASC, DESC, Sorting by Name, Country, Phone, Email, DateCreated,DeviceToken

Version [3.5.0] Release Date 06.05.2020

:tada: New fields in User Table: Acceleration, Application, App version, Braking, Client ID, Company, Cornering, Country, Group, OS, Registration date, SDK version, Time driven, Trips count

Version [3.4.1] Release Date 05.05.2020

:tada: Empty User Table messages
:tada: Logging Middleware
:tada: Logging Infrastructure

Version [3.4.0] Release Date 01.05.2020

:bulb: App Url validation fix
:bulb: 1st load optimisation: Reduce JS, CSS Code, Libs, etc

Version [3.3.0] Release Date 28.04.2020

:tada: Companies registration flow in applications
:wrench: User table fix
:wrench: Registration page fix

Version [3.2.0] Release Date 25.04.2020

:tada: New Company Account registration
:tada: Invite Customers to mobile applications via Email or link
:tada: Access Management - Email verification
:tada: New 404 Page
:wrench: Search fix in Mozilla browser
:wrench: Login fix

Version [3.1.1] Release Date 06.04.2020

:tada: Search Suggestions
:tada: Reset Search
:tada: Last name visible if filled

Version [3.1.0] Release Date 02.04.2020

:tada: Search User(s) by Name, Device Token, Email, Phone
:wrench: Pagination fix

Version [2.2] Release Date 31.03.2020

:tada: Scoring: latest known score date
:bulb: User Table: redesign v1
:bulb: User Table: server-side pagination
:bulb: Header: less height

Version [2.1] Release Date 27.03.2020

:tada: Bottom menu: Report a bug, Customer Help Center links
:tada: Bottom menu: minimize/maximize animation
:tada: Main menu Arrow: minimize/maximize animation
:bulb: Pre-load optimization
:bulb: Bottom menu: User Guide link visible to Admin users only

Version [2.0] Release Date 22.03.2020

:tada: Optional: Google.Maps
:tada: Optional: Mileage in miles, speed in mi/h

Version [1.0] Release Date 15.02.2020

:tada: Management

  • Company creation and settings
  • Application creation and settings
  • User groups creation and settings
  • Authentication details
  • Access management on every level

:tada: Company account registration