SDK for Android Changelog

Version 2.2.260 Release date 12.02.2024How to update SDK Android

:tada: Added support for Android SDK 34.

Version 2.2.259 Release date 26.01.2024

✨ Enhanced Start Tracking Accuracy: The app now initiates trip recording with even greater precision.
πŸ‘€ View Unsent Trips Count: Easily check the number of trips awaiting dispatch.
πŸ“„ View List of Unsent Trips: Conveniently see all trips that haven't been sent yet.
πŸ”„ Forced Upload of Unsent Trips: Ensure your unsent trips are uploaded seamlessly.
πŸ“ Custom Pin with Heartbeat Parameters During Trip: Set a personalized pin during trips to monitor vital heartbeat stats.

Version 2.2.258 Release date 18.12.2023

:tada: Added support for Android 14.
:battery:Removed deprecated SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission
:battery:Removed deprecated READ_PHONE_STATE permission
πŸ“€ Improved a scheme of delivering data to the server
:wrench: Set minimum SDK version = 21 (Android 5.0)
:bulb: Added Landscape mode for the Permissions Wizard

Version 2.2.257 Release date 20.07.2023

:tada: Added support for Android 13.
:battery: Optimization of power consumption.
πŸ“€ Increase the speed of unloading tracks.
:wrench: Deep optimization working with memory.
:bulb: Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.2.256 Release date 01.05.2023

:tada: Added Accident detection settings.
:battery: Optimization of power consumption.
:bulb: Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.2.255 Release date 03.05.2022

:tada: Added support for Android 12
:tada: Added detection of accidents with events and buffers.
:wrench: Changed the permissions wizard
:bulb: Minor bug fixes
:warning: Raised the minimum version of Kotlin to 1.5.0

Version 2.2.254 Release date 25.09.2021

:bulb: Performance enhancements
:wrench: Π‘hanged the default notification icon

Version 2.2.253, release date 15.07.21

:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.252, release date 01.06.21

:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.251, release date 27.05.21

:wrench: Minor fixes related tracks creation

Version 2.2.250, release date 17.04.21

:wrench: Minor fixes related to heartbeats
:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.249, release date 08.04.21

:wrench: Minor fixes related to location processing
:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.246, release date 10.03.21

:wrench: Minor fixes related to heartbeats
:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.245, release date 20.02.21

:tada: Added tracking event receiver
:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.243, release date 10.02.21

:tada: Added incoming tags managing
:tada: Added changes to permissions wizard and permissions dialog related to target sdk 30

Version 2.2.231, release date 12.01.21

:tada: Added prominent disclosure to the permissions dialog (related to the new Google's policies)

Version 2.2.230, release date 12.12.20

:tada: Added capability to get broadcasts about new location, speed violation and deprecated sdk via the methods:
:bulb: Minor changes under the hood

Version 2.2.229, release date 07.12.20

:bulb: Minor changes under the hood
:wrench: Fixed issue with incorrect GPS-time
:bulb: Performance enhancements

Version 2.2.228, release date 13.11.20

:tada: Added capability to register a callback to be invoked when new location was found
:wrench: Fixed critical bug related permissions checking
:wrench: Fixed bug related GPS-sensor unavailable or turned off message
:bulb: Technical improvements related scoped storage

Version 2.2.225, release date 09.10.20

:bulb: Improvements for Android 11
:bulb: Removed Storage permission. Now we are not using phones external storage
:tada: Added return parameter to changeTrackOrigin method
:bulb: Updated permissions wizard
:wrench: Bug fixes
:bulb: Performance enhancement

Version 2.2.223, release date 01.10.20

:wrench: Fixed bug related enabling GPS sensor in permissions dialog
:bulb: Technical improvements under the hood

Version 2.2.218, release date 12.08.20

:bulb: Improvements in registering ELM devices
:wrench: Bug fixes
:bulb: Performance enchacements

Version 2.2.217, release date 10.07.20

:tada: ELM device connection
:tada: High frequency events
:wrench: Bug fixes

Version 2.0.59, release date 06.04.20

:tada: Extended statistics methods with track tag optional filter.

Version 2.0.58, release date 23.03.20

:wrench: Hotfix - "GPS sensor enable" crash on PermissionDialogFragment fixed

Version 2.0.57, release date 20.03.20

:tada: Tags for trips and methods for get/add/remove these tags

Version 2.0.50, release date 13.02.20

:tada: Return track tags in getTracks/getTrackDetails methods
:bulb: Improve tracking functionality

Version 2.0.48, release date 30.10.19

:tada: Permissions wizard and dialog
:tada: Cache for tracks and track details
:tada: Migrate to AndroidX
:tada: Support Android 10, target SDK 29

Version 2.0.25, release date 13.09.19

:wrench: Fix SpeedViolation speed value from m/s to km/h.
:bulb: Improve phone usage detecting

Version 2.0.23, release date 26.07.19

:wrench: Fix documentation for TrackingApi
:wrench: Fix - convert speed in meters/second to km/H when check speed limits

Version 2.0.20, release date 11.07.19

:tada: TrackDetails and Track models extended: address start and finish added
:tada: Speed violations implemented

Version 2.0.14, release date 10.06.19

:tada: Few more logs added
:bulb: Log folder name changed

Version 2.0.11, release date 04.06.19

:tada: Portugal and Spanish languages support added for getTracks, getTrackDetails, getTrackOriginDict methods

Version 2.0.7, release date 27.05.19

:wrench: Android foreground service bug fixed

Version 2.0.4, release date 24.05.19

:wrench: Fix big icon issue
:bulb: Change icons name

Version 2.0.2, release date 13.05.19

:wrench: Fix TrackingApi docs
:wrench: Minor fixes

Version 1.6.91, release date 24.04.19

:tada: Added track start date to SDK API
:bulb: Insurance removed

Version 1.6.86, release date 17.04.19

:wrench: Fix "isRunning" method

Version 1.6.85, release date 05.03.19

:bulb: All notifications disappear after setEnableSdk(false)