Python SDK

Version 0.9.1 Release date December 28, 2023

  • New method: get_user_details
  • General improvements

Version 0.9.0 Release date December 14, 2023

  • Auth improvements.
  • Iterable objects

Version 0.8.0 Release date November 27, 2023

  • New module available: accounts. the module includes methods to manage applications and instances

Version 0.7.7 Release date 01.11.2023 How to update Python SDK

:tada: New module available: engagement. the module includes leaderboards: general leaderboard and user leaderboard

:tada: Authentication improvements: now, the SDK supports multiple credentials simultaneously.

:tada: Response improvements: default response for empty or no data users.

Version 0.7.6 Release date 01.11.2023

  • Bux fix

Version 0.7.5 Release date 25.10.2023

  • Bux fix

Version 0.7.4 Release date 20.10.2023

:tada:Security Enhancements:
JWT Token Storage:

  • Improved Security: Moved JWT token storage from a local file to secure place, providing an added layer of security.
  • Robust Token Handling: Enhanced the methods for saving and loading tokens.

Other Updates:

  • Error Handling: Improved HTTP error handling across all API calls, ensuring smoother recovery and clear notifications on issues.
  • Code Optimization: Refactored and optimized various parts of the codebase for clarity and performance.

Version 0.6 Release date 11.10.2023

:tada: Added Authorisation module for seamless Auth across all modules

:tada: Added User module:

  • Create User (to obtain UserId/DeviceToken)
  • Update User
  • Delete User

:tada: Added Trips module:

  • Get list of trips
  • Get trip details

:tada: Added Statistics module:

  • User statistics (Daily/Accumulated)
  • User safety score (Daily/Accumulated)
  • User eco score (Daily/Accumulated)
  • Entity (Company, App, Instance) statistics (Daily/Accumulated)
  • Entity (Company, App, Instance) safety score (Daily/Accumulated)
  • Entity (Company, App, Instance) eco score (Daily/Accumulated)